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D + E + J + T = MB December 31, 2005

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Reflecting on these past twelve months made me realize how lucky I am to have the friendship of three talented, gorgeous, and truly mischievious individuals -David, Joseph, and Tommy. As the “newbie” in the group, I was initialy unsure how I would fit in, considering that they have known each other for years and have five years of fun and exciting experiences. Yet, they made me feel welcome and part of the family. I can only wish that I had known them longer.

When I first met David a year ago, and Joseph and Tommy a few months later, little did I know that this friendship would evolve into something more. In the past few months, we became “The Mischievious Boys.” I am not merely referencing to our alter ego as internet lipsynchers; rather, it is the brotherhood that we share, on and off the camera. We are just four free-spirited friends who likes be silly, be goofy, and share the fun we have with others. What our viewers see in our videos is what we really are in real life. I admit we do not have the perfect friendship. We had our own drama and disagreements, but we all manage to resolve them and realize that nothing can come between our friendship (David and Tommy can really attest to this one).

With our newfound “fame” comes new challenges. But we will handle them with dignity and class. If need be, we stand up and defend ourselves (ok, David will do most of the figthing). Whatever they say about us or do to put us down, we will keep making videos and keep having fun! That’s what we are all about. We will stand by each other, no matter what. There is no stopping the Mischievious Boys express now.

(ok, sorry for being so overly sentimental here.)

– Edward


Fortune Cookies December 30, 2005

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What’s in store for each of the Mischievious Boys in the coming year? Let’s ask the all-mighty, all-knowing Chinese fortune cookie.

Edward: You will live a long time, long enough to open many, many fortune cookies (in bed).

Tommy: You are able to juggle many tasks (in bed).

Joseph: Versatility is one of your outstanding traits (in bed).

David: No one conquers who doesn’t flight (in bed).

Hmmm… Stay tuned and see if they all come true.

Happy Birthday, Joseph! December 29, 2005

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Tommy (lipsynching funnily): Happy Birthday to you…
David (lipsynching bitchily): Happy Birthday to you…
Edward (lipsyching heart-throbily) Happy Birthday dear Joseph…
All (singing and dancing): HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

*stripper comes out and dances on Joseph’s lap*

Tommy: I’m hungry.
Joseph: You’re always hungry, gosh!
Tommy: Shut up!
Edward: Let’s do a music video!

(five minutes later)

Edward: Let’s go home now…
David: Okay I have to go my phone is ringing…
Tommy: Oh lord…
Joseph: Oh my gosh…
Tommy: Okay I can go online.

The end.

Hello! December 29, 2005

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Hi everyone!

I’ve been away for the holidays, but now I’m back!
Apparently I missed out on some fun stuff while I was
out of town, but I’m sure my fellow mischievious boys
handled the situation well on their own. I’d
definitely come in swinging, so to speak, but I don’t
think I have to. In light of some criticism, my
resilient friends managed to have a great holiday, as
did I. I hope everyone else is doing the same!
Thanks for the awesome emails. As always, we
appreciate them. As far as the status of our next
video, it’s in the works! So, stay tuned. Happy new
year by the way… Ciao!


Hmm….Mischievious Boys going to SF for new years? December 27, 2005

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Are the Mischievious Boys going to San Francisco for new years? I need to know what the rest of you guys are doing? I don’t want to be left home alone!

Ehum…I recall a few nights ago Joseph and Edward left me at HeadHunters…ugh! I stood there waiting by myself in front of that bar! If only there was someone there to save me! *sigh*

Merry Christmas !!! December 25, 2005

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“We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a… Merry Christmas and … a Happy New Year.”

The Mischievious Boys Fan Club and Party December 24, 2005

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Calling all Mischievious Boys Fans

Please go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mischieviousboys to become a member of The Mischievious Boys Fan Club where you can post new messages, upload files, chat with the Mischievious Boys and MB fans, and more.

Also, the combined Joseph’s Birthday Party and The Mischievious Boys Coming Out Party will have a live video broadcast through Yahoo! Video Messenger and a live group chat through The Mischievious Boys Fan Club Yahoo! Groups. The party will start at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, January 7th, 2006. The live broadcast will show a section of Joseph’s house where the party guests who are willing to be seen on the camera can participate in the live broadcast.

So please sign up at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mischieviousboys for your Yahoo! Messenger ID so that you can participate in the live broadcast of the party.

Please add me to your Yahoo! Messenger buddy list. My Yahoo! ID is MischieviousJoseph.

Awww… December 22, 2005

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Hi everyone! All the emails and comments are so nice!!! Makes me all warm and tingly inside. I’m sure the other boys feel the same way. So I just want to say…
English: Thank you!
Spanish: Gracias!
Malay: Terima kasih!
Thai: Khawp khun!
Tagalog: Salamat!
Dutch: Dank u!
French: Merci!
Japanese: Arigato!
Italian: Grazie!
German: Danke!
Cantonese: Doh je!
Portugese: Obrigado!
Norweigian: Takk!
Hungarian: Koszonom!
Mandarin: Xie xie!
Finnish: Kiitos!
Swedish: Tack!
Polish: Dziekuje!
Romansch: Grazia!
Turkish: Sagolun!
Hebrew: Toda!
Arabic: Shukran!
Hindi: Shukriya!
Danish: Tak!
Russian: Spasibo!
Vietnamese: Cam on!
Korean: Kamsahamnida!
Greek: Efharisto!
Estonian: Tanan
Serbian: Hvala!
Lithuanian: Achiu
Ukrainian: Dyakooyu
Slovak: Dakujem!
Kiswahili: Asante!
Farsi: Mamnoon!
Bulgarian: Blagodarya!
Irish: Go raibh maith agaibh!
Romanian: Multumesc!
Cambodian: Ar kun!

That took a while, but I hope I got everyone. 🙂

To all our viewers from Spain December 22, 2005

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Spain is climbling up to the top of our “most visitors” counter, and now ranks second to the United States. Here’s a message to all our viewers from Spain:

Gracias por todo su apoyo! Espero que disfruten los videos musicales. Tuvimos un buen momento filmandolos. Por favor, informen a sus amistades de nuestro trabajo. Su apoyo significa mucho para nosotros.

Su amigo,

(Joseph, I used spell check on this one)

where is my tommy? December 20, 2005

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I’m sorry I missed you cutie…YES, HE IS CUTE, AS STATED IN AN EARLIER POSTING. When we gonna hang out again? And Joseph, when we gonna make more videos? Hehe.

And OOOoooOOooOOhhh, I need to add hella guys to our evite list for the mischievious boys coming out party. Let’s do it!

PS–And to think how critical some of these fanatics are! LOL…they claim to know what we smell like….as if! Tommy does not smell like irish spring….ok. He has a special scent that is to die for but only you could imagine. *grin*

PSS–Don’t think that we don’t know that you know that you want to know what we smell like *sniff*