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A Gift from a Turkish Fan February 28, 2006

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Special thanks to Burcu from Turkey for sending this wallpaper she made.


Flashback: “Let Me Love You” by Da Buzz February 27, 2006

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Here is another flashback video. This time, we go back to July 27, 2001. I made several music videos with my friends Conrad and Mike. I was living in San Francisco at that time and they were living in San Jose. We shot the music videos in my studio in San Francisco’s SOMA district.

The title of the song is “Let Me Love You”. It is the Hex Hector and Dezrock Club Mix. The artist is Da Buzz. This song was one of my favorites songs in 2001.

We made this video plus “If You Could Read My Mind” by Stars on 54, “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child, and “Upside Down” by The A*Teens. We had so much fun that we did those four videos in one night.

I used Adobe Premiere to edit this video. This video took the longest to shoot out of the other four because we had several shots. There is another unreleased cut for this same video, but it was too homoerotic.

I dedicate this video to Mike from Dallas, Texas (again). He emailed me stating that I might like another group called Da Buzz. Mike and I seem to have the same taste in music.

The Mischievious Boys Website Version 3.0 February 26, 2006

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I was getting bored of the Mischievious Boys website version 2.0 so I decided to redesign our website again. I used Apple’s iWeb to create version 2.0. For version 3.0, I went back to RealMac’s RapidWeaver. I also created a Mischievious Boys banner that is placed at the top of our website. I hope you all like the redesigned website than the old website.

LeAnn Rimes: A Mischievious Boys Fan February 22, 2006

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I received an email from LeAnnRimes2005@aol.com:

I just wanted to let you know that LeAnn Rimes, yes THE LeAnn Rimes … has seen your video of yourself singing to Can’t Fight The Moonlight. Here is what she had to say about it: “That is incrediably funny! I have seen them do other songs but not mine. I guess you know that is when you have really made it!”

Is this for real or not? Interestingly, when I clicked on the reply button, a security window popped us, asking for the user name and password for LeAnn Rimes All Access club (www.rimestimes.com). I guess, the person who emailed me is member of her fan club.

As a big fan, I am so elated to know that she watches our videos. As soon as I arrived home from work, I listened to her popular songs such as I Need You, How Do I live, Blue, and of course, Cant Figth The Moonlight.

Tommy’s Dramatic Birthday February 21, 2006

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6:30 PM
Joseph: Hi David. You called earlier.
David: Yes. It’s Tommy’s birthday today. Let’s have a surprise party for Tommy.
Joseph: OK. Did you call Tommy? Where’s Edward?
David: Tommy is asleep. He told me that he will wake up in a few hours. Edward went to his sister-in-law’s son’s 0th birthday party in the hospital. We are going to meet up here at 8:00pm and go to Plum Blossom Restaurant. Birthday cake afterwards at my house.

8:00 PM
American Idol begins.

8:30 PM
David: When are they going to be here?
Edward: Let’s call them again!
David: (Calling Joseph) Hi Joseph! Tommy wanted to go to the gym.
Joseph: I’m not going to wait. I’m hungry!
David: (Still talking to Joseph on the phone) I just spoke with Tommy and he is on his way!
Joseph: WHAT?
David: Yea!
Joseph: Tell him to come pick me up!
David: No…you call him and tell him to pick you up!!!! And just call me before you guys come here so that I can prepare!

9:00 PM
Joseph: (Calling David) Tommy’s here and we’re on our way.
David: Okay. See ya soon.

9:10 PM
Joseph: I’m ready to go now, Tommy.

9:30 PM
Door bell rings. Joseph and Tommy arrives.
Tommy: (Handing card to Joseph) Here! Sign the card!
Joseph: (Takes card and writes a LONG one) Here, read it! I want you to read it!
Tommy: No. I want to read it later. I want to save it!
Joseph: I want you to read it NOW! In case you can’t understand my handwriting.
Tommy: I’m hungry!
David: Okay. We can order something at Plum Blossom and have it delivered.
(Calling Plum Blossom) I want Orange Chicken….and….oh, wait….we’ll just
go there!
Lady on the phone: Alright. We’ll see you guys here.
Joseph: You should’ve told her that the Mischievious Boys will be there and we need
our a table ready. (laughs)

9:45 PM
Joseph: Who’s car should we take?
Edward: Let’s walk!
David: (Rolls eyes) We’ll take my car.

9:50 PM
Finally we arrive at Plum Blossom.

10:00 PM
Tommy finally gets his Orange Chicken! (YEAH!)

10:45 PM
After a good dinner and lots of gossip, they open their fortune cookies.
Joseph opens his and gives it to David.
David gives his to Joseph.
Joseph opens his and gives it to Tommy.
Joseph takes Edward’s and keeps it.
Joseph tells Edward to take Tommy’s (not yet opened).

11:20 PM
Edward goes to the bathroom.
Tommy, Joseph, and David leave the restaurant and hide outside.
Edward: Where did they go?
Tommy, Joseph, and David leans against the wall (still hiding).
Edward sees Tommy and goes outside.

11:26 PM
David backs up his car to pull away from the curb (there are no cars in front or in back)
Tommy: OMG! David backed up!
Everyone except David: HAHAHHAHAHAH!

11:27 PM
David laughs, finally.

11:30 PM
David parallel parks perfectly in one manuever.
Tommy: He did a good job!
David: I know how to back it up (grin).
Edward: He knows how to squeeze into tight places.

11:31 PM
Arrives home.
Tommy: I need to use the bathroom.
Joseph rushes for the bathroom first.

11:35 PM
Edward cuts the cake and they all enjoy. Tommy receives the biggest piece.

11:40 PM
Edward: Let’s blog this.
David: You do it. I don’t remember my password.
Joseph: I’ll log on.
Joseph writes the first line.
Joseph: Here Edward! You do it!
Edward: I don’t know what to write.
David: Just log on.
Edward logs on instead and writes a few lines.
Edward: I don’t know what to write???
Joseph: Here, I’ll log on!
Joseph logs on. They tell him what to type.
Tommy still enjoying his cake.

12:15 AM
Joseph backdates the blog to the previous date because they could not finish before midnight.
Tommy’s birthday is officially over.

Meeting a star February 20, 2006

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I just returned from a weekend trip to Arizona for the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. I could go on and on about my trip, but I will go straight to the highlight. I met the Mischievious Horse Enzo for the first time. If you are into arabian horses, you know that that Enzo is number one in the world right now. He is the reiging U.S. National Arabian Horse Champion. Spectators need to make an appointment to have a private viewing of him at Scottsdale. Of course, I did not have to since I got connections. Meeting him was like getting close to Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, or Madonna. I was star-struck. He is so gorgeous in real life. My only regret is that I would not be able to be there this coming Wednesday, when he will be introduced to the crowd.

Also, I got a chance to see some of Enzo’s babies, who are making a name of thier own in the competition. They are Eden, En Voque, Enlove, Entice Me, Ms. Enzo and more. Hmm… If ever I have my own horse someday, what name should I pick? En Ward? Hahaha.

Ongline Podcast Interview Part 3 February 16, 2006

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Part 3 of the Ongline Podcast interview is now available. You can subscribe to Ongline via iTunes by clicking here to listen to our interview. It is also available on The Mischievious Boys Podcast.

Or you can just download the interview to listen to it on your web browser. You can also right-click the “download” link and choose “Save Target As” to save the interview as an MP3 file on your computer.

We had a lot of fun doing this interview. John Ong asked more personal questions like the food we like, stereotypes, and other things so please listen to the interview so you will learn a lot more about The Mischievious Boys. John Ong also asked us what the most important thing in our lives right now.

The interview is about 47 minutes long. The MP3 file size is 21.9 MB.

Please leave your comments here to let us know what you think of the interview.

Flashback: Steps Hit Mix February 15, 2006

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Here is the other Steps music video I made back in December 2001 at my mom’s house. It includes the hit Steps songs: Tragedy, Better Best Forgotten, Love’s Got a Hold of My Heart, Heartbeat, One for Sorrow, Last Thing on My Mind, and 5, 6, 7, 8.

My mom let me borrow her sunglasses, feather boa, and wig. The afro puff wig is mine.

I edited this music video back then when I was still using a PC, Windows 2000, Pinnacle Studio, and Windows Media Encoder. Now, I use a PowerMac, Mac OS X Tiger, Final Cut Express HD, and Quicktime Pro.

Flashback: “Better the Devil You Know” by Steps February 15, 2006

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Here is another flashback video. The song is “Better the Devil You Know” by Steps, my favorite group of all time. I made this video back in December 2001 at my mom’s house. This song was originally recorded by Kylie Minogue.

I dedicate this video to Mike from Dallas, Texas. He has been an MBF (Mischievious Boys Fan) since December last year. He suggested that we do a Steps music video. This video is one of three Steps music videos I did back in December 2001.

Happy Valentine’s Day February 14, 2006

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David and I are getting ready to go on our respective Valentines date (Mr. bad boy just put on a splash of cologne on every inch of his smooth, silky skin). But before we head out, we decided to post this to all our fans: How to say I LOVE YOU
in different languages.

Filipino : Mahal Kita
Thai : Phom Rak Khun
Vietnamese : Anh ye^u em, Em ye^u anh

For other langauges, click here

Although Valentine’s Day comes only once a year in western culture, we should remember to say I LOVE YOU to the special people in our lives everyday.

********** Three hours later *************

We both came home frm our separate dates and this is what we brougth home. Edward got the white orchids from a special someone. David got red tulips from his teddy bear. Awwwww!

– Edward and David