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The End of The Mischievious Boys March 22, 2006

Posted by mischieviousjoseph in News.

The Boys and I are very sorry to inform all of our fans all over the world that The Mischievious Boys has broken up. All of our fans have definitely made the last five months a very unforgettable chapter in our lives. And most of all, the four of us will become Mischievious Brothers for life even if we are no longer making music videos. We have a formed a very strong bond among us four.

We want to share these three very important photos from our videos:

“Waiting for Tonight” was the very first Mischievious Boys music video.

“Hung Up” was the music video that made The Mischievious Boys famous around the world through Google Video and YouTube.com.

And finally, “One Word” was the last Mischievious Boys music video in which all four of us were in the video.

The Mischievious Boys: October 27, 2005 to March 21, 2006



1. Jan - March 22, 2006

Why? I think I will cry!

2. mooodyyy - March 22, 2006


3. sovex - March 22, 2006


4. marubois - March 22, 2006

I am very sad.
May I cry?


5. Kard - March 22, 2006

Uh… what happened guys? Just came back from a long break… I surely wasn’t expecting this piece of news…

6. Ray - March 23, 2006

kiss & make-up already!

7. mischieviousjoseph - March 23, 2006

Hi Ray. The Mischievious Boys did not break up because we got in a fight. Our friendship is very much intact.

8. ModernCoolie - March 23, 2006

I miss you guys. My guess its got to do money-grabbing music studios threaterning lawsuits. Hope to see some updates about you guys even if there won’t be any more videos.

*hugs and kisses*

9. T. Kevin - March 23, 2006

I’m very sorry to hear you guys ‘broke up’ as a group, I really enjoyed your videos. I’m glad to hear that you are still friends though. 🙂

Joseph, could you put up the videos page again for a little while so we could download the nice quality quicktimes? I didn’t download them all and I can no longer find the page.

T Kevin

10. mark - March 23, 2006

Oh. No.

Didn’t see this coming, and it’s really a sad piece of news. You would be missed, definitely.


11. Micheael - March 23, 2006

I will miss the Mischievious Boys. I will miss Edward’s gorgeous looks on camera. I will miss Joseph’s dance moves and striptease. I will miss Tommy’s funny antics. I will miss David’s muscles. You guys made us laugh these past few months. Thanks for all the videos.

12. gene - March 24, 2006

I’m shock, guys. I’m shocked and heartbroken.

The MB were so much more than a funny group of guys having fun. You brought so many of us together, straight, gay, black, white, Asian, nationalities from every corner of the earth. Sure, you made us laugh, but you also made us think, and you gave the lonely a site at which to gather and to feel a part of something bigger.

I will sincerely miss you all. I hope that you all will keep your MB email addresses so that we can keep in touch.

I feel like a rocket passed through me. It lit up the sky, and lit up our eyes. It lit up our hearts, and then burned out in a flash.

So long guys. I love you. Mischievious Boys Fan For Life #1, always and forever.

13. mcvie - March 24, 2006

But WHY? What’s the official story guys?

14. mischieviousedward - March 24, 2006

The last few months were the best time of our lives. We opened our lives to the world through our videos. I am so glad that we are able to make you all laugh and smile with the the things we do our video. I will miss all of you.

In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, please visit my personal blog – drawdE.blogspot.com. I revive this blog after nearly two years of absence, as I want to keep in touch with you all.

15. Bill - March 24, 2006

I think ModernCoolie is probably right – they got a letter from some lawyer telling them to stop using copyrighted songs, even though it’s just for fun and hurts nobody. Lawyers are the scum of the Earth.

16. Steve - March 24, 2006

I cannot believe this!!!! I am really sad to hear that you guys have broken up. I was a great fan and wish I was closer to visit. You guys captured such a spirit of fun and friendship, that no else can replicate. I wish you all the best of luck in the future, hopefully we will see a reunion one day. You all are so cute and sexy and will cherish the enjoyment that you brought to so many people over the past few months. You will be greatly missed.

17. Kard - March 25, 2006

Ah well… even if you boys don’t do videos anymore, I’m sure you can come up with something new and refreshing that wouldn’t infringe on any copyrights etc. (assuming that that is the reason). It doesn’t have to end in that sense but let’s leave it up to the boys’ creativity to think of something. I’m sure the fans will support you boys if you have decided to come up with something new.

It is seemingly true that your fans are saddened at this break of new but for all that effort you had put in, even if the videos are no longer available, the memory stays and that’s what makes all that effort worthwhile. The smiles you have placed on the faces of many, the admiration and respect that you have won, and the times you have made some other person’s day will always be etched in memory. It’s been a pleasant few months. While we who post on your site are part of your fans, you too have fans who love all of you but never came here. So you are definately more well known than anyone can estimate.

Whatever it is and whereever you guys are going from here, I wish you all the best. Sweet memories and lots of love from me.


18. mischieviousjoseph - March 25, 2006

We did not break up because of copyright infringement. All of our videos are still available on YouTube.com and video.google.com. The links to all of our videos on those two websites are on the LINKS section on the right side.

19. rick - March 25, 2006

wow. who f*%#$ up then?

20. Nameless :) - March 26, 2006

So, you are all friends and there’s no copyright infringement? Can we guess why there is a breakup then? Personally, I’d guess that it has to do with the effort. Making one video is a hell of alot of work and I”m sure you all have lives outside of this that you’d rather take part of then keeping the nameless and faceless internet fans happy.

Any chance you’re going to finish the “I’m Sorry” video?

21. mischieviousjoseph - March 26, 2006

Yup, Nameless. You are correct. Making a video is a hell of a lot of work. It is so hard to get all four of us together to do a music video.

The “I’m Sorry” video only had three of us. We finished shooting the video, but I just have not had time to edit it. And when we dissolved the group, we decided not to release the video.

22. Nameless :) - March 26, 2006

That’s too bad.

I was looking forward to that one given that you’re Hung Up is better then the one released by the singer. I figured that you would of done better on the “I’m Sorry” video as well.

However, I do want to say “thanks for the entertainment”. 😀

23. rick - March 27, 2006

ya’ll really suck just because all 4 peeps could not get together? Why won’t you tell us the real reason? who is not in the I’m Sorry video?

24. KiaNah - March 27, 2006

wut the… who are these people? and what do you exactly do?

25. Peter - March 27, 2006

i am sorry to hear this. I know how much work it is to produce things. My podcast is not always easy to get done and with other outside things going on (like ummm LIFE!), it’s not easy.

I will miss you all very much because whenever I was stressed out and needed to calm down, I almost always would watch one of your videos on my iPod. It always brought a smile to my face.

Hopefully it will not be the last we hear from you, but I understand and respect your decision.

I will miss you all.


26. drew - March 27, 2006

Oh thank god! I was just about to start up a “mischievous boys” deathwatch campaign.
After watching one of your extremely hokey videos on “You Tube”, I was immediately nauseated, and projectile vomited. How banal can gay men get? What happened to all the interesting homosexuals? Your cookie cutter, top-40 lifestyles are frightening! So your interests range from shopping (eyes rolling in back of head) at (wait for it ladies and gentlemen): Aberzombie and Fitch, and The Gap? Musical tastes range from Madonna, Ace of Bass to Christian music?! And you list one of your cinematic choices of all time as… “The Broken heart’s Club”?! How inane and trite can you get!! Hand me a barf bag!

27. king conger - March 27, 2006


28. Rebecca from Baton Rouge - March 27, 2006

Well now I will have to do something outrages

29. KING - March 27, 2006


30. Leslie - March 28, 2006

why did you guys stop making the videos? it was very interesting.

31. Nameless :) - March 29, 2006

Les, read post #21.

Drew / King, you guys make me laugh. Drew, for stomping on a good bye thread. King, for over-reacting on Drew. Relax, it’s just the Internet.


32. Nick - March 29, 2006

ahhhhh guys i just found you web page from another place and know your gone. Well i am sorry to heart about that.

33. Jay P - March 29, 2006

hahaha probably all of them broken up cause they were not interested in each other anymore, cause they’re all gay

34. Jon - March 30, 2006

Aw, and I just discovered you guys today!

35. Antonio - March 31, 2006

I will miss you all.

Take care. 🙂

@ Venezuela.

36. Curious George - March 31, 2006

Music groups break up usually for one or more of these reasons:
1. money problem (lack of or inequitable pay)
2. illness
3. a member going solo or away
4. dwindling audience
5. ego/creative direction differences

Such a mystery on which reason and the details of….

37. Bicurious Jorge - March 31, 2006

You forgot:

6. lack of talent/originality

38. asianlover - April 1, 2006

guys, I’m so sad. I’m totally wasted while I’m writting this but I had the hots for Tommy. We were dancing to all of your songs.
Let us know if you have a new website

39. John - April 2, 2006

“I will miss you all very much because whenever I was stressed out and needed to calm down, I almost always would watch one of your videos on my iPod. It always brought a smile to my face.”

I too loved these videos, but how do you get them on your iPod? I’d love to get them on mine, so I’ll always have them. (It’s probably really easy but I can’t seem to figure it out).

40. Finn - April 2, 2006

This is not an April Fool’s joke right?

41. Johnny - April 3, 2006

very sad to hear of the breakup ;( I told all my friends to check it out and everyone so far enjoyed it. I would suggest, you guys should just keep it up whenever there is a time, even like 3 months from now, get one done whatever. I know how hard to put one together, I’m a filmmaker and it is always hard and hectic to get things done and get it done right… (rehearsing, singing, dancing, shooting, keying, etc). But alas, your stuff had made us all smile with a warm fuzzy feeling. Should keep that up.

42. David - April 3, 2006


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Att. Davi

43. Pamela - April 4, 2006

i sent a message to your youtube account. let me know if you’re interested in participating in a story. -Pamela Wu, KCRA-TV

44. boutillot-cauquil - April 9, 2006

vive les to be four….

45. *HOTFLASH* Gidol! - the official phillytim weblog - April 20, 2006

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46. a fan - May 3, 2006

whyyyy??????????????????????? why did u stop? is it because of the problem that it is hard to make a video with all boys? or the time?
know u and ur videos only since 1 week (yes i know … toooo late, and i am so stupid) and i statred to make videos on myself too. but now i see the tragedy… i really must cry. that is the most terrible news since everything i heard……

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