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New Video: “McArthur Park” by Donna Summer April 30, 2006

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McArthur Park.jpg
I made this video at my mom’s house yesterday. I finally convinced her to buy an Apple computer. She bought a 17″ iMac with the new Intel Core Duo chip so I was helping her to set it up and to show her how an Apple computer will make her life much better. So I made this music video as a demo on how quickly she can create a music video in under 10 minutes using the iMac’s built-in iSight, iMovie, iTunes, and QuickTime. You will see my mom walking in and out of the camera view.

The song is called “McArthur Park” by the disco diva Donna Summer. She is my favorite disco diva. And this is one of my favorite disco songs. I just can’t imagine leaving my cake out in the rain and not never having the recipe again. That is just tragic in the diva sense!


New Video: “You Had a Bad Day” by Daniel Powter April 30, 2006

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You Had a Bad Day.jpg
I just made this new music video. It is the song “You Had a Bad Day” by Daniel Powter. This is the song that is always played on American Idol when one of the 12 finalists is voted off. I really love this song. This is definitely different compared to all of the music videos we have made mainly because it is not a dance song.

New Video: “Cartoon Heroes” by Aqua April 30, 2006

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Cartoon Heroes.jpg
I made a new music video yesterday after I woke up. I have been wanting to do a video for the song “Cartoon Heroes” by Aqua. This is my favorite Aqua song. I created my own version of the song by combining the intro of the album version and the rest of the song with the Sleaze Sisters Anthem Mix. I really love all the Sleaze Sisters remixes even though all of their mixes sound similar.

Outlook Video – The Mischievious Boys Interview April 26, 2006

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Last month before The Mischievious Boys dissolved the group, Eric Chong from Outlook Video interviewed David, Edward, and me at my house here in Sacramento, California. Outlook Video is a monthly GLBT magazine talk show on public access cable TV.

Check out the interview at Outlook Video – The Mischievious Boys Interview.

[Description from Google Video]
Eric Chong, during a visit to Sacramento, interviews three of four members of The Mischievious Boys. As a hobby, they have been lipsyncing and dancing to pop music, making their own music videos, and uploading them onto the internet. They talk about being out on the internet and how it all started. (Since the taping, we have learned that they are no longer producing videos, but the videos are still available on the internet.)

Gidol Gay at Google Idol April 20, 2006

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Check out http://www.googleidol.com/gay/index.htm.

Due to popular demand – and fantastic talent – Google Idol launched Gidol Gay.  This is the new style they added yesterday.  The other three styles are Pop, Rock, and Original.

Google Idol has chosen our “Hung Up” music video as a representative of the new style that they are looking for. 

New Video: “We’re All Alone” by Newton April 18, 2006

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Tommy is moving to San Francisco so he came over to my house to spend some quality time before he moved out of Sacramento. He took a bath in my tub. I was playing the song “We’re All Alone” by Newton and he started singing it. He only heard the song a few times so he did not really know the lyrics. I quickly took my video camera, restarted the song, and videotaped him while lipsynching in the tub. The result was hilarious. I added the soft focus video effects to make Tommy look flawless. I hope you all enjoy this video.

New Video: “Last Thing on My Mind” by Steps April 14, 2006

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last thing on my mind.jpg
Here is the music video I created tonight. The song is called “Last Thing on My Mind” by Steps. They are my favorite group of all time. This is one of my favorite Steps song. Unfortunately, the group broke up back in December 2001.

The choreography in my music video was inspired by their performance of “Last Thing on My Mind” from their Steps Gold Tour. I added some of my own moves.


New Video: “Easy as Life” by Deborah Cox April 9, 2006

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Check out the new music video with me and Tommy. It is the song “Easy as Life” by Deborah Cox, remixed by Tony Moran. It is Deb’s brilliant dance version of the Broadway classic AIDA. I saw her perform twice in San Francisco. She is awesome – great vocals and full of energy.

We were on our way to a friend’s party and Tommy said “Let’s do a video”. So we did. 30 minutes later, it is up on YouTube.com and in our blog.

New Video: “I Promised Myself” by The A-Teens April 6, 2006

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The Boys and I went out to dinner tonight at this newly opened restaurant near downtown Sacramento called China Buffet. This was the first time all four of us have been together in over a month. We had a great time.

Afterwards, Tommy came over to my house. We ended up lipsynching to “I Promised Myself” by The A-Teens. We were listening to the song and we just suddenly started performing in front of the computer. I quickly turned on my iSight webcam, launched the iMovie application, clicked on record, and restarted the song on iTunes. Before we knew it, we completed our first original video since the “Pinoy Ako” music video almost two months ago.

An hour later, the finished “quickie” music video was up on YouTube.com after I added the titles and replaced the audio track with the A-Teens music track.

This was totally done without any planning and we had a lot of fun doing it. I hope you enjoy the video.

Google Idol (Gidol) April 5, 2006

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David (not Mischievious David) left a comment on our blog about www.googleidol.com so I checked it out. It turns out that there is a competition for people like us Mischievious Boys who love to make lip-synch music videos. The competition is called Google Idol or Gidol for short.

I entered all of our videos for the audition last Monday. I got a reply today from Gidol telling me that they are considering us for their upcoming Pop Music Video competition. They told me to select the video we would like them to play for the 1) Heats, 2) Semi-Finals, and 3) Grand Final. They said we could use the same video for all three.

All four of us have our own favorites. But I need input from our fans to tell us which three videos we should submit. It looks like the winning Gidol was chosen because of their lip-synching skills, personality, and enthusiasm. Please help us choose our best videos.

Here is the list of all our videos (with all four Mischievious Boys) I entered in the audition:
1. Hung Up by Madonna
2. What a Feeling (Flashdance) by Global Deejays
3. We Belong Together by Mariah Carey
4. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
5. Because of You by 98 Degrees
6. One Word by Kelly Osbourne
7. Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
8. A Quien Le Importa by Thalia
9. Waiting for Tonight by Jennifer Lopez
10. Try It on My Own by Whitney Houston

You can view all of our videos on Google Video.