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Dear Mischievious Boys…. March 16, 2006

Posted by mischieviousedward in Fan Mails.
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Since our first video, we have been receiving emails from our viewers from all over the world on a daily basis. It is nice to know that we are able to make you all laugh and smile by the simple, goofy, and funny things we do on video. Here are some of the emails I have received:

“I must tell you that the great love that the 4 of you share comes through in your videos, in your smiles, and in what each of you write here. Nothing will ever come between you if you don’t allow it. “Forgive everyone everything. Forgive yourself. Love is the only rational act.” I read those words once and they stay with me. Live them, Edward. Live them with Tommy, David, and Joseph, and you will always be happy.” – A fan from the United States

“I just wanted to let you know that you have made 4 new die-hard fans. I live in San Antonio, TX and work for the US Air Force. My coworkers and I all work at the hospital. To be quite honest with you, we sometimes get a lot of free time on our hands in the middle of the night. So, to get to the point, we have watched all of your videos and of course cracked up and danced to all of them right there in our little office. We think you all are so funny. – Amber from Texas

” To the Boys who made the last quarter of 2005 a “mischievious” blast, keep up the great work and continue having fun. Lord knows the world needs to lighten up once in a while, and you guys provide a shining, shimmering splendid example of having a gay ole’ time! Mwah!” – J from the Philippines.

” Hi there peeps! You really made me happy. I was just browsing because I’m so stressed in my work and I’m looking for Madonna’s Music Video ‘Hung up’ and I saw your video. I watched it and I can’t stop my self laughing. You guys are really great. Nice concept, nice video. I hope to see more of your videos soon and see you probably in the near future. You guys are very entertaining. It was a great stress reliever.” – G from the Philippines

“My boyfriend and I are big fans of yours in Manhattan. Found you shortly after you put out your Hung Up video. You give us a guaranteed big smile even on otherwise bad days. Thanks!” – Bob and Chuck from New York

“Great Music… You guys are bringing a lot of smiles, .and a an implied message about close ,Gay friendship! Thanks for the smiles and good feelings you convey with your fun…with your videos!…with your friendship!” – Kevin from Los Angeles

“You guys have great chemistry together. I am at home because I am sick. I am playing your videos and realized you guys had my favorite songs done in your style of video. I feel a hell of a lot better!” – A fan from Toronto

More to come next week…

– Edward