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Mischievious Boys Fan Page May 14, 2006

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Check out Chat Without Prejudice, an MSN Groups page created by Sharon, a Mischievious Boys fan from Scotland, UK.


The Mischievious Boys on the WB58 News at Ten May 12, 2006

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I was in interviewed by Pamela Wu from Sacramento’s WB58 News at Ten two weeks ago. The interview was featured in their news story about YouTube.com’s popularity. They showed clips from our “Hung Up” music video. David, Edward, and Tommy were not able to make it to the interview.

Outlook Video – The Mischievious Boys Interview April 26, 2006

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Last month before The Mischievious Boys dissolved the group, Eric Chong from Outlook Video interviewed David, Edward, and me at my house here in Sacramento, California. Outlook Video is a monthly GLBT magazine talk show on public access cable TV.

Check out the interview at Outlook Video – The Mischievious Boys Interview.

[Description from Google Video]
Eric Chong, during a visit to Sacramento, interviews three of four members of The Mischievious Boys. As a hobby, they have been lipsyncing and dancing to pop music, making their own music videos, and uploading them onto the internet. They talk about being out on the internet and how it all started. (Since the taping, we have learned that they are no longer producing videos, but the videos are still available on the internet.)

Gidol Gay at Google Idol April 20, 2006

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Check out http://www.googleidol.com/gay/index.htm.

Due to popular demand – and fantastic talent – Google Idol launched Gidol Gay.  This is the new style they added yesterday.  The other three styles are Pop, Rock, and Original.

Google Idol has chosen our “Hung Up” music video as a representative of the new style that they are looking for. 

Google Idol (Gidol) April 5, 2006

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David (not Mischievious David) left a comment on our blog about www.googleidol.com so I checked it out. It turns out that there is a competition for people like us Mischievious Boys who love to make lip-synch music videos. The competition is called Google Idol or Gidol for short.

I entered all of our videos for the audition last Monday. I got a reply today from Gidol telling me that they are considering us for their upcoming Pop Music Video competition. They told me to select the video we would like them to play for the 1) Heats, 2) Semi-Finals, and 3) Grand Final. They said we could use the same video for all three.

All four of us have our own favorites. But I need input from our fans to tell us which three videos we should submit. It looks like the winning Gidol was chosen because of their lip-synching skills, personality, and enthusiasm. Please help us choose our best videos.

Here is the list of all our videos (with all four Mischievious Boys) I entered in the audition:
1. Hung Up by Madonna
2. What a Feeling (Flashdance) by Global Deejays
3. We Belong Together by Mariah Carey
4. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
5. Because of You by 98 Degrees
6. One Word by Kelly Osbourne
7. Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
8. A Quien Le Importa by Thalia
9. Waiting for Tonight by Jennifer Lopez
10. Try It on My Own by Whitney Houston

You can view all of our videos on Google Video.

The End of The Mischievious Boys March 22, 2006

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The Boys and I are very sorry to inform all of our fans all over the world that The Mischievious Boys has broken up. All of our fans have definitely made the last five months a very unforgettable chapter in our lives. And most of all, the four of us will become Mischievious Brothers for life even if we are no longer making music videos. We have a formed a very strong bond among us four.

We want to share these three very important photos from our videos:

“Waiting for Tonight” was the very first Mischievious Boys music video.

“Hung Up” was the music video that made The Mischievious Boys famous around the world through Google Video and YouTube.com.

And finally, “One Word” was the last Mischievious Boys music video in which all four of us were in the video.

The Mischievious Boys: October 27, 2005 to March 21, 2006

Sac Bee Article About The Mischievious Boys March 14, 2006

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I was interviewed last week by Sam McManis from The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento’s daily newspaper). He wrote an article about the popularity of YouTube.com and the videos uploaded to YouTube.com by Sacramento residents. Click here to read the full article from The Sacramento Bee website. I can’t believe the writer spelled our group name and my last name wrong.