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Mariah’s Hollywood Comeback March 14, 2006

Posted by mischieviousedward in Pop Culture.
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Rumor has it that Mariah Carey, who had the most successful album of 2005, wants to extend her musical comeback to the big screen. I must admit, I was one of the few people who watched her first attempt to be a Hollywood star in the sugary-sweet movie, Glitter. My first reacion, upon hearing of this news, was “please tell me it ain’t so.” So, I decided to search google under the keywords: Mariah Carey, New Movie. As it turned out, the rumor is true. Mariah has been cast in an independent film entitled, Tennessee, scheduled to begin shooting this spring in New Mexico and Tennessee. She will play “a waitress who journeys with her two brothers to find their estranged father, and get him to help save their younger brother, who has leukemia.” Further digging revealed that Mariah did another movie, Wise Girls – an indie film with a girl-power attitude. Apparently, she received rave reviews for her performance as a waitress. Do you see a pattern here? Is she being typecast as a waitress?

Anyways, before her new movie hits the theaters, make sure you watch the Mischievious Boy’s interpretation of her hit single, “We Belong Together.” Click here.